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Severe weather communications

Decisions about closing the Development Centre or sending our people home early will not be taken lightly.   We will always endeavour to open the Centre when we are safely able to do so.

In the event of snow or bad weather, a decision will be made by the manager in consultation with the CEO, regarding whether it is safe to open the site.  If the decision is made to close the Centre this will be communicated via our website/social media, and by a phone call to our people, carers and staff.

In the event of a closure during the day, our people and their carers will be notified by telephone. Everyone will be kept safe until collected.

If anyone arrives at the centre unaware of the closure, a member of staff will be there to help.

Weather Deteriorates During the Day

The centre will be closed early only in extreme cases.  The decision to close the Centre will be made by the manager in consultation with the CEO.
Decisions about early closure will be communicated as soon as this is appropriate to our people and carers, by phone and notification on the website/social media.

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