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The SPR students had a fantastic time making Hot Air Balloons!

 HA Balloons1  HA Balloons2  HA Balloons3

             HA Balloons4  HA Balloons5

Each of the SPR students made a lovely Spring daffodil and produced this wreath!
Love going for walks seeing the spring flowers coming through! These look fabulous!
Daff1  Daff2  Daff4
Daff5  Daff3  Daff6
Thank you to all our students on zoom for joining us for WORLD BOOK DAY!
You all looked fabulous! We had so much fun!
                        WBD 1                          WBD2
Well it looks like our guys over at SPR have had a fab 1f95e day!
Fruit salad toppings and fun flipping them!
Smiles all round! Well done they look very tasty!
Pancake 1  Pancake 2  Pancake 5
Pancake 4  Pancake 3  Pancake 6
The SPR students had a very fun week making lots of Valentine's crafts.
These are some photos of the lovely lacing cards they have made!
Don’t they look fab!
Valentines 1  Valentines 2  Valentines 4


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