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Gard1This course enables students to participate in all the activities  of producing plants and growing vegetables in our own attractive gardens.  We have a number of dedicated vegetable patches, a greenhouse and a potting shed.

Vegetables grown by our students are eagerly sought by our Catering Skills students and routinely feature in home cooked meals at Scotts.  Garden produce, including pots and planters  made by our students, are also sold at our Wednesday coffee mornings.

Gard2Students learn about the planning of a garden (what to grow and where to grow it), planting, tending and harvesting.  Although there can be a lot of physical work, we ensure that those with limitations, such as wheelchair users, can still participate fully.  Everyone gains from working outdoors – exercise and fresh air – as well as enhancing personal skills in a productive team activity.  And they get to eat what they grow – what could be a better result!

This course will help students to develop important skills and give them greater independence, including:

  • How to plan, make decisions, and then carry out  a set of practical activities
  • Numeracy, weights and measures
  • Healthy living
  • Safe working with tools, carrying loads and protective equipment
  • Working independently on their  own gardening activities and also working with others on bigger projects


Scotts Project Trust
Delarue Close
Shipbourne Road
Kent TN11 9NN
Registered Charity 1051947

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