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LifeAtStPertersRom‘The Trust tries to provide a comfortable and happy home and hopes that residents will enjoy living here.’

St Peter’s Row Guide, given to all new residents

When they arrive at St Peter’s Row, each resident receives a guide which outlines how we approach their care. Our philosophy of care is drawn from our values, which are so much more than words on a page: they permeate everything we do.

  • Care
  • Support
  • Develop

We ensure that residents’ voices are heard, concerns are addressed and new ideas are considered. House meetings are held monthly, and a resident’s forum is held, where people can discuss whatever is important to them. This can range from sharing news about holidays to discussions about health and safety introduced by the residents’ health and safety representative. Service users are involved in the recruitment process for new staff, and residents sometimes attend Fire and First Aid training courses alongside staff. Monthly service audits are undertaken by a non-executive member of the Service Management Committee, and regular surveys take place and the results are acted upon.


Scotts Project Trust
Delarue Close
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