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LifeSPR1A snapshot of life at St Peter’s Row

The mood changes from relaxed to lively and back again as residents go about their daily lives; the household are making lunch together, chatting merrily with one another and the staff. Two residents are discussing another’s birthday tea and can barely contain the secret when she bursts in to show them the special new top she has just bought and is planning to wear on her birthday. In the lounge three residents are enjoying an animated discussion about favourite TV programmes and disagreeing (in the way of people who live together) about what to watch that evening. Someone else is getting ready to go out with friends, and remembers his scarf at the last minute, reminded by a member of staff. A shyer resident retreats from what she calls ‘all this noise’ for some quiet time in her room.

The animated life of the three households is almost invisibly underpinned by the skilled, professional and empathetic staff.  Brenda Heritage, Registered Manager of St Peter’s Row, has a passionate commitment to weaving the unique Scotts approach through every aspect of daily life:

'We provide a safe environment, day and night, for our residents to develop their skills and enjoy living in a happy, thriving household. Like people anywhere they see friends, develop their own interests, some people work, get involved in the local community; they enjoy life. Most importantly everyone is recognised as an individual with something unique and wonderful to offer.'

The Care Quality Commission (CQC), the body set up to monitor standards in care homes, inspected us in July 2015. They were impressed by the range of activities we offer:

'People said that they had opportunities to take part in lots of activities that they enjoyed and chose what to do each day. They went on holidays and there were plenty of activities at weekends and in the evenings'.

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