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Update on the St Peter's Row extension

The new facilities have transformed the daily lives of the eight residents who need to use a wheelchair; they can now enjoy the extended lounge area much more easily, and there is space to store their wheelchairs. All fifteen of our residents have benefitted from the specially-equipped new sluice room, which has ensured that laundry can be handled far more efficiently and with optimal hygiene.

The improved facilities have enabled a new resident to join us at St Peter’s Row. Joanne* came for an assessment five years ago but it was essential for her to have a downstairs bedroom with an en-suite wetroom, and at the time we could not offer a room to meet her needs. She has been waiting patiently since then to come and live at Scotts; now the extension is finished she finally has the room that she has wanted for so long. She is very happy to be here at last and this summer she enjoyed going on holiday with some of our other residents. The staff team at our onsite Development Centre have commented on how much more confident she has become since she moved to St Peter’s Row.

The ceiling hoist and interlinking wet room have also facilitated the return of one of our more elderly residents from a long and unexpected stay in hospital. The new wet room and equipment have meant that his additional care needs can be met and he has been able to recover among people he knows, in a place he considers home.


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