2016 - 2020:  we are currently refurbishing our Development Centre where learning and development sessions take place daily for adults with learning disabilities and where community events are held. The refurbishment will be done gradually over the next two years whilst we raise funds.

If you would like to help raise funds for our refurbishment, we would love to hear from you please! 

Do please take up a sponsored challenge, suggest us as your workplace ‘Charity of the Year’ or make a donation.  We will be very happy to show you around Scotts so that you can see the work our wonderful charity does in the community to support adults with learning disabilities. 

Please contact Denise Tucker on 01732 367917.


£50 would help us purchase equipment for our new therapeutic sensory room

£100 would go a long way to fund a new workstation for classroom IT subjects

£200 would be a valuable contribution towards updated audio-visual equipment

for our performing arts work

£500 would pay for a specially adapted computer to teach IT for people with severe disabilities

£1000 would enable us to fit quality carpet to our new quiet sensory to room to make it as welcoming as possible

£90 would help us provide new notice boards

£50 would provide two new yellow keyboards for our IT sessions

£150 will provide racking for our art sessions

£85 will provide trackballs for IT sessions

Hall And Barn

Scotts Project Trust
Delarue Close
Shipbourne Road
Kent TN11 9NN
Registered Charity 1051947

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