This session is very practical and it teaches you how to plan a meal,  select  your ingredients, prepare and cook healthy menus.   You will learn the importance of healthy eating and what makes up a balanced diet; we use quizzes and puzzles to add to the variety of learning approaches.

Many of the fresh vegetables and herbs we use in our kitchen are grown in our own gardens at Scotts and you will also go out to buy other ingredients from local shops in Tonbridge and elsewhere.

You will learn about food hygiene and kitchen safety and also have the chance to work towards a Certificate in Food Hygiene.

You will cook hot meals for lunch on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and help to run a lunch box service on Wednesdays. Cakes and preserves are made for sale and to serve  in our coffee shop on Wednesday mornings as well as for functions held at Scotts. You will have the satisfaction of contributing to a healthy lifestyle at Scotts  as well as learning many practical life skills.

This session will help you to develop important skills and give you greater independence and teach you how to plan and then carry out  a set of practical activities including,

  • Fine motor skills
  • Gross motor skills
  • Communication, listening and consideration of others to work as a team
  • Numeracy, weights and measures
  • Financial skills through working to a budget, collecting money and balancing the books at lunchtime, selling cakes and other produce
  • Mixing with the public when shopping  and building your social skills
  • Healthy living
  • Safety and personal hygiene
  • Shopping including online shopping