This is a wide ranging session where you will gain an extensive knowledge of music in a practical and relaxed environment. You will learn about different styles of music, cultures, composers, instruments and have the opportunity to try and to play different instruments (keyboard, drums, percussion, guitar, etc). Music is at the heart of other sessions like dance and drama and our own productions at Scotts and in the community.

You will also discover how to download music in various formats and transfer files from one device to another.  Additionally, we will work in teams to complete quizzes and research activities.

We are fortunate to have help from some of our local schools – making music an especially inclusive and community activity.

This session will help you to develop important skills and develop your independence, including:

  • Express creativity
  • Practise rythmn
  • Work as part of a team
  • Understanding emotions and moods, expressing opinions and listening skills
  • Cultural awareness and appreciating how others think
  • Planning and working with others on projects
  • Communication skills