Scotts is the landlord of the properties and every tenant has a tenancy agreement which details the rights and responsibilities of both parties.

Garden  Oaks Kitchen 1  oaks Willow 005

The garden at Oaks and Willows where residents socialise and have BBQs and the kitchen, the hub of The Willows.

The aim of the support provided is:

  • to promote independence and self esteem
  • to support tenants to be motivated and enabled to meet their own support needs
  • to support tenants to achieve their optimum potential and fulfilment
  • to support tenants to engage in activities that promote their goals and aspirations
  • to develop self advocacy skills and ensure the support services reflects their views, opinions and wishes

The tenants are supported to apply for the appropriate benefits and from this they are required to pay a weekly contribution to their support costs to KCC.  The remainder of the service user's benefit is used to:

  • pay for their utility bills
  • pay for their food shopping
  • pay for their personal shopping
  • pay for all social and leisure activities they wish to participate in
  • pay for bus, taxi or train fares
  • any of our residents wishing to enjoy a holiday and who need to be accompanied by a member of staff, will meet the costs themselves